National Park on Phu Quoc Island

  Phu Quoc National Park is situated in the North-East of Phu Quoc Island and the Northern and Eastern boundaries with the coastline. This National Park covers of 31,422 ha, accounting for 70%  of Phu Quoc Island. Phu Quoc National Park has a mixture of continental and coastal climate, creating a rich ecosystem of primeval, secondary and indigo forests. Its indigo forests are distributed in the wetlands flooded in the rainy season and sloping hills. 1. Topography of Phu Quoc National Park: The topography of Phu Quoc National Park is hilly with the highest point is Mount Chua, at 603 m above sea level. Being drained by seasonal streams, the only sizeable river on Phu Quoc island is the Cua Can river, which drains the southern part of the Phu Quoc national park, and flows into the ocean on the west coast of the island. Phu Quoc National Park covering more than 27,000 ha of forest, including 6,000 ha of buffer land and 20,000 ha of surrounding sea area,